Jackson Sagittarius Warrior extreme USA

Country of manufacture / Производитель : 
USA Custom shop
Serial number / Серийный номер : 
Year of manufacture / Год : 
Neck material / Гриф : 
Quarter sawn maple
Neck construction / Конструкция грифа : 
Frets / Количество ладов : 
Fretboard material / Накладка : 
Body material / Дека : 
Body Color / Цвет : 
Pickups / Звукосниматели : 
H+H EMG 81 + 85
Bridge system / Тремоло : 
Original floyd rose
Item condition / Состояние : 
Сomplete set / Комплектация : 
Hardshell case + COA
Overview / Краткий обзор : 

Jackson Guitars teamed up with Master Builder Pablo Santana and graphic artist Craig Fraser to create their striking Extreme Zodiac series. Fraser's designs each depict a different Zodiac sign, and Jackson's classic Kelly and Warrior body shapes serve as a basis for Santana's sharp and jagged designs. These models were highly limited -- and they commanded a $7,400 price tag when they were released -- so purchasing one will set you back a pretty penny, if you can find one. This guitar features an Alder Body with and a Neck-Thru Quartersawn Maple Neck with and Ebony Fretboard. It also features an Original Floyd Rose with Black Hardware, & Jumbo Frets. In addition, this Jackson Custom Shop Guitar is stocked with the classic EMG 81/85 Pickup combo. So here is your chance to grab another Jackson Custom Shop one-of-a-kind guitar. You will not be disappointed.



$5 800
Guitar pictures / Фотографии гитары :