Jackson RR1 Custom Shop JCF 04 of 25 Limited Edition 2002 Ivory

Country of manufacture / Производитель : 
USA Custom Shop
Serial number / Серийный номер : 
Year of manufacture / Год : 
Neck material / Гриф : 
Maple / Клён
Neck construction / Конструкция грифа : 
Set in / Вклеенный
Frets / Количество ладов : 
Fretboard material / Накладка : 
Ebony / Чёрное дерево
Body material / Дека : 
Alder / Ольха
Body Color / Цвет : 
Pickups / Звукосниматели : 
Bridge system / Тремоло : 
Tune-o-matic + Thru body
Item condition / Состояние : 
Сomplete set / Комплектация : 
Case + COA
Overview / Краткий обзор : 

Американский Jackson класса Custom Shop был выпущен в 2002 году. В отличие от других Randy Rhoads он имеет два потенциометра, полосатые датчики и инвертированную инкрустацию грифа. Звучание гитары можно охарактеризовать как сбалансированное по всем частотам с достаточной плотностью аккомпанемента и приемлемыми обертонами на соло. Масса инструмента составляет рекордные 3,2 кг!

JCF is the Jackson Charvel Forum, a group of Jackson and Charvel guitar enthusiasts who share information and knowledge of these fine instruments and they got together and had Jackson build 25 replicas of "the guitar that got away" at the 1982 NAMM show, shortly before Randy Rhoads tragically died while on tour with Ozzy Osbourne. The original guitar was made for Randy and a young man talked Joanne Jackson into selling it to him inadvertently. Remember, at that time Jackson guitars was still a brand new offshoot of Charvel manufacturing, so these guitars weren't readily available, and this guy pestered her till she let him buy it. Grover Jackson told me that at that time, he didn't have logo's made for Jackson guitars yet, so he used metallic gold Testor's model paint to write the name Jackson on the headstocks of quite a few guitars before getting water-slide Jackson logo's.

After completing a 2nd series for the JCF (Copy of Robbin Crosby's Big Red King V, which BTW I bought from Robbin in 1992) the series was discontinued, so there are only a total of 55 JCF serialized Jackson guitars.

Guitar pictures / Фотографии гитары :