BC Rich Custom Shop USA Skulls eye

Country of manufacture / Производитель : 
Serial number / Серийный номер : 
Year of manufacture / Год : 
Neck material / Гриф : 
Neck construction / Конструкция грифа : 
Bolt on
Frets / Количество ладов : 
Fretboard material / Накладка : 
African Rosewood
Body material / Дека : 
Body Color / Цвет : 
Skulls eye
Pickups / Звукосниматели : 
H+H EMG 85/81-X
Bridge system / Тремоло : 
Original Floyd Rose
Item condition / Состояние : 
Сomplete set / Комплектация : 
Harshell case + COA
Overview / Краткий обзор : 

The B.C. Rich Gunslinger is an awesome shredder of a guitar with a more compact and traditional body design than you would usually find on a B.C. Rich. A cool aspect of the Gunslinger is the extended cutaway into the body around the lower horn, it really lets you get up to the last fret without straining to reach it. What really makes this Gunslinger special is the awesome skulls eye graphic. Add an Original Floyd Rose tremolo and a couple of EMG X humbuckers and you've got a guitar that's ready to rip anything you throw at it.

$2 700
Guitar pictures / Фотографии гитары :